Is the baby on the way or is your child celebrating his or her birthday, will he or she be baptized and do you want him or her have an unforgettable day? Organize the event around your child through Eva's Service Bureau! We take care of everything and give your child a day to remember.
Babyshower Arrangements


Babyshower Theme's



For several years organizing a baby shower is hip. Would you like to organize a baby shower for a relative or friend, then Eva's Service Bureau will help you organize an amazing baby shower that fits the personal style of your relative or friend.

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A baby arrival party is designed to receive visitors that come to see your new born baby. Of course, grandpa, grandma, aunts and uncles are welcome at all times, but how do you deal with other family, neighbors, friends, colleagues etc. You can get visits every day, but you can also choose to give a celebration for these individuals. You want to organize a baby arrival for your brand new baby please contact Eva's Service Bureau.

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The baptism of your baby is a special event. You can hire Eva's Service Bureau to take care of the organization of this party. Is it a little baby who is being baptized or is your child a little older? We like to offer you a customized party.

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