Hybride events

The world is no longer black or white. No longer live or online. By expanding your conference or event with an interactive live broadcast you generate more public and more involvement of your audience. A hybrid event is like a private TV channel, directly from the conference or event, with a highly interactive second screen. Recent hybrid conference report online participation rates of +400%!

A hybrid event is a physical meeting where also an online audience participates. Simply put, both a physical and an online audience can experience the same content or be part of it at the same time from different locations..

Eva's Service Bureau sees the need to fully relieve its clients so that the chances of hybrid events are optimally utilized and integrated into the event strategy. In this context, we are working hard to offer a complete package of services in the near future in the field of hybrid events!

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Generates a range of up to 10 times.

There's nothing like the power of a physical meeting, everybody knows that. A broadcast will not diminish a physical meeting. On the contrary! What happens: people who aren’t able to make it or never heard of it will still pick up the highlights of the congress. If they are good, they understand that next time they want to be present during the physical meeting.

Furthermore, a hybrid event gives people a reason and a topic to talk on social media about your event. And that's exactly what you want?

Greater range and new participants.

A hybrid event will not only remove the factor 'place', but also the factor 'time'. Later the broadcast can still be viewed online (in parts), which additionally increases the reach on long term and also taps into a new audience. In addition, any questions that the online viewers ask are a wealth of inspiration: this is literally what your audience want to know more about!

Attractive for sponsors.

The wide range makes a hybrid component more attractive to sponsors. They aren’t visible to the physical participants of the event, but also for online participants. Not only during the event, but through the online videos also years thereafter. Coupled with the fact that a hybrid event works particularly well to generate buzz on social media, but it makes an online broadcast one of the most attractive propositions to sponsor.