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The Beginning
Eva's Service Bureau was born from the passion and love for persons and organizations wishing to organize an event to relieve and onstressen by taking care of every last detail matters.

The hostess service and training in etiquette and hospitality were later added to its services. Eva's Service Bureau is known for its excellent service , its friendly staff and the strong support it provides.

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  • core valuesCore Values
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The services of Eva's Service Bureau in a row
  • Consultings
    Giving advice regarding the planning and organization of weddings, private and business events in the broadest sense of the word.

  • Planning & Organization
    Services regarding the planning and organization of weddings, private and business events in the broadest sense of the word.

  • Training & Workshops
    Hospitality and etiquette play an important role in any organization. We provide workshops in the field of hospitality and etiquette. [read more]

  • Hostess Service
    Our hostesses are flexible to be hired for different jobs, experienced and versatile. In addition to good looks, they easily make contact [read more]

What we stand for
  • The customer is royal.
  • Clear communication
  • Fast service and quality.
  • Friendliness.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Responsibility.
  • Maintaining sustainable relationships with our customers.
  • We respect our customers and suppliers.
  • Confidentiality and professionalism are our top priority.
  • Our Method
    • Preliminary interview.
    • Submitting a quote.
    • Order provided by customer.
    • Concept development.
    • Time plan.
    • Organization and coordination of the wedding, personal or business event.
    • Aftercare.
    • Evaluation.
    Terms and Conditions

    The Terms and Conditions (TC) of Eva's Service Bureau regulate everything concerning contracts with client. To avoid inconvenience, it is wise to thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions

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    Jobs at Eva

    Our employees are passionate, hardworking, but also have fun with each other. Eva's Service Bureau provides each employee the opportunity to grow within the company. Together with our employees we offer a personal development plan.


    Our team

    Marketing/ Sales manager

    Putting Eva's Service Bureau on the map is a great challenge for me, but what makes the a complete picture is a satisfied customer after the service


    eva Isselt
    Event manager

    Each event brings something special with it . Excellent service is what I'm going where creativity and an eye for detail predominate.


    Representative Suriname

    In this industry I get the opportunity to make people happy and give them what they deserve: quality, satisfaction and excellent service. Exactly as I would like it!



    To host has everything to do with accountability. This makes being a "Hostess" challenging. Not to mention seeing customers happy and satisfied.



    My passion to be a host, was born out of love to help organize family parties and school events etc.



    As "Hostess" you always put a smile on a person's face. And that's just where it's at my concern: provide individual help and make someone happy is the best thing you can do!