Your new beginning

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 your proposed marriage at Eva's Service Bureau


Congratulated very warmly on your planned wedding. Eva's Service Bureau will make this day for you to care of an unforgettable, stress-free and to perfection.

Eva's Service Bureau realizes that every wedding is unique and offers prospective married couples and their families the possibility to prepare themselves fully to the wedding to relax. We take the entire planning process from hands and work it into a personal and successful wedding. Do not know how and where to start or have already thought about the bridal bouquet, theme color or otherwise. Our unique arrangements help you determine which services best suit you.

A list of our services

Future brides and grooms can choose out of the following services:

Wedding Consultation

Do you have questions about a particular part of your wedding where you even not know the answer?
We guarantee professional but honest advice regarding your wedding.

A tot Z Arrangement

From "Will you marry me?" to "Yes ... I do!"
We are from the beginning to the end involved in the organization of your wedding. We make sure every detail is regulated.

Partly Arrangement

As a future bride and groom can you choose to hire us for the organization of one or more parts of your wedding, such as searching for unique vendors, preparation of the script etc.

Master of ceremonie

Hire you us as master of ceremonies we will shortly before the wedding, by means of a script, the details of the wedding and we will care for a spotless course. We are also the intermediary between you and your guests.